Get Amazing Postcards All Year Long With These Easy Tips

Postcards have always been a valuable marketing and promotional strategy to help stay on the top of your customers minds. No matter the time of year or season, there is always a reason to send direct mail postcards, whether it’s for your business or for any personal occasion. Though typically we consider postcards a way to correspond with loved ones while traveling, they have easily become an indispensable marketing tool a great investment in terms of bringing in leads. Let us help you design amazing postcards that you and everyone you give them to, will love.

4 Easy Tips to Getting Amazing Postcards All Year Long There are no hard and fast rules to designing great postcards that help you grow your business or get your message out, but we do have few design tips that we think can help elevate your postcards from good to great! Let us go over some basics that will hopefully help you feel confident when placing your postcard order.

1. Stick With Standard Sizes Check with your local post office. If you’re mailing a mass amount of postcards, you don’t want to choose a giant size that will end up costing you more than their worth. And on the flip side, you don’t want to design postcards that are too small and could get lost or not mailed under standard guidelines. If you’re not sure what sizes work best for you or aren’t sure about design templates, give us a call! We would love to help you find exactly what you need. Quick Tip: Our most popular options are usually the most affordable. Let our pricing tool autofill options for you and then adjust your quantity as needed.

2. Try To Stand Out Little Stand out from the crowd with eye catching images! Use bright colors and bold fonts so that when people are flipping through their mail, they can’t just skip over it. However, we do recommend that you only use images that are relevant to your company brand. Who are you talking to, and what do you want them to think of your business? If you’re targeting an older generation, then a bunch of young people scantily clad might not be the best image to use. Likewise, if you’re a dental office, you might not want random images of pets. Quick Tip: Find royalty free photos that are high quality and high resolution at and Completely free and absolutely gorgeous.

3. Don’t Forget a Call To Action The whole point of sending out postcards is to get people into the store or clicks to your website. Direct mailing can result in a high response rate, if your message is on point and clear. Make sure the goal of your postcard is clear. If they need to come in during a sale time, make sure that is boldly stated. If you want them to set up an appointment, make sure that information is clear. A great idea is to include a postcard specific promo code so that you know who is seeing your postcard and using it. A specific code could help you narrow down your demographics. Quick Tip: Consider copying your checkout buttons on your website, if applicable. If not too off brand, consider adopting digital call to action buttons that you already have and connect your printed marketing materials back to the site.

4. Keep It Simple Postcards are small to begin with, so make sure you focus your message to one specific thing. Don’t include too many images, too much text, or too much distracting graphics. Say one thing and say it well if you want it to be successful. It’s easy to get carried away and try to put too much on your postcard. You’re just trying to be informative and helpful, but trust us. Your customers will be happier if they don’t have too much to sort through. Get to the point and give them just the info they need to fulfill your call to action. Quick Tip: Have someone else who doesn’t know much about your company look at your postcard design. Do you they get the point of it? Are they confused? They might need you to simplify it.

Conclusion What do you think?

Did we give you enough tips to help you design amazing postcards? We hope we helped give you at least a few basic tips to help you improve your marketing strategy. If you’re not using direct mail postcards for you business, these tips are still applicable for personal projects. Remember to keep your design simple, and let the images do some of the talking for you and don’t forget to include contact information if you need it. Whether it’s for a promotion, a graduation announcement, a save the date, and more – let us help you start your custom postcard order today!