How To Get Custom Calendars That Everyone Will Love

When it’s time to create new custom calendars to promote your business or fundraiser, you’ve come to the right place. Tell your story all year long with beautiful photos and custom text with affordable custom calendars from Print Pelican.

There are so many options for you when it comes to ordering calendars, and you might be confused at how to make sure they are the best. This article goes over a few ideas on how to start the calendar design process so that you’ll feel confident when it’s time to order your annual calendars.

Design Custom Calendars That Will Impress Everyone

Ordering calendars that will impress clients and sponsors doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow some of our easy tips so that no matter what your calendar is for, whether it’s a corporate business, a fundraising event, or just your annual company calendar, you get amazing feedback with every month.

Pick A Theme

We always suggest deciding on a common theme before just jumping into your calendar design. Think about the type of calendar you want and make sure it matches up with the vision of your company. Get feedback from your peers or coworkers, and try to create an engaging concept that appeals not only to your customers, but adequately represents your brand.

The trick to picking a theme is to stay consistent. A few ideas might be themed around famous landscapes, space themed, famous celebrities, wonders of the world, you name it!

Make A List of Important Dates

Before you start, a good idea would be to make a list of all of the important dates that you want to include in your calendar. Don’t forget about major holidays, bank holidays, moon cycles if you want, your favorite fun holidays, and family events if necessary.

If designing a calendar for your office, it might be worth it to include your bosses birthday or important company dates.

Choose Only the Best Photos

A calendar is the perfect way to showcase quality photos and use as a portfolio to display all of your products and services.

Hopefully you’ve been documenting your company’s success with stunning photos, so that you can show everyone the quality of service you offer. We also recommend only using photos that are high resolution, at least 300 dpi so that nothing is blurry.

Don’t Forget To Include Sponsors

Another idea to help you get your calendars sold more quickly is to include sponsor logos! Do you have other businesses sponsor your calendar design and printing budget so that they get seen by all of your customers and clients.

Include a couple sponsors on each month or include a sponsor page in the front or the back. Make sure you allow the same amount of space for each person who paid to support your calendar, that way everyone has equal advertising opportunity.

Use A Calendar Template

Often times people don’t think that designing a calendar is a big deal, until they start! It is so much easier to start with a calendar template and work from there.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a great selection of calendar templates to choose from so that you can exactly the calendar you need. From classic and simple to modern and chic, we’ve got options to make any type of business happy.

Consider Ordering In Bulk

A great tip we recommend is to order your calendars in bulk. You’ll save money and time when ordering in larger quantities, as well as avoid the hassle of having to reprint when you run out. A great way to gauge how many calendars to order is to do a pre-order sale. It will help you decide how many people are actually interested in your calendar and give you somewhat of an idea of what people might be willing to pay as well as how many you should order.

Order Calendars Today

You now have all the tips you need for a custom calendar that fulfills your purpose. From raising funds for a nonprofit, staying top of mind for your customers no matter your industry, or just providing a high quality calendar for your office or corporation, we have the tools and know how to deliver you a calendar you’ll love.

So what’s next? You have your theme, you know which dates to highlight, you’ve picked all the monthly photos, and you have sponsor logos lined up. Now it’s time to order! Head to our Calendar Printing page and start browsing through our options so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Have any questions? Contact us today and let us answer your questions and make sure you get a calendar that meets your project needs – and fit within your budget.